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Here we are with the September issue of the Urban Jungle Bloggers's Back to Work. This month's theme couldn't fit better the atmosphere of my studio that, after the holidays, has been transformed into a real jungle. I really felt an urge for green tones and luxurious plants next to me recently so, before coming back home from the seaside, we stopped at a local nurseries and did some shopping. Placing green plants in interiors, especially in a workplace, is extremely important for the relaxing effects greenery has on our mind and brain.

Monstera deliciosa is always a great choice and I was very happy to find a small specimen that could fit our flat: the idea is to let it grow a bit more and later place a grid where it can climb through. We bought also a Rhipsalis paradoxa, an epiphyte cacti, that has been placed on the String Pocket. An epiphyte is a plant that grows non-parasitically upon another plant,such as a tree, and derives its moisture and nutrients from the air, rain etc. Therefore, they can be a bit tricky when grown on soil, like orchids. And last but not least, an Asparagus, one of my all-time favourite for its airy look and woodland memories.

All images © facing north with gracia

Minimal kitchen made of paper

Italy-based architecture studio ARIS created this innovative projects called  Paperwood kitchen that brings together a new way of living our domestic space and a greater awareness towards environmental issues. In fact, the kitchen is entirely made of  Paperstone, a compact material made of recycled paper combined with a special resins. The kitchen top is flexible and, from one side, can hide the appliances below and, on the other, be used as an extra working/serving area. 
To know more, please visit ARIS here.

All images Via Studio ARIS

Kristina Dam | The Danish way

Kristina Dam is a artist and graphic designer based in Copenhagen. Her work aims to visualize the dialectics among art, graphic design and interiors. In Paris, at Maison et Objet 2014, she presented her newest creations: the Botanic Series, a modern and poetic interpretation of the urban jungle trend of the moment created in collaboration with the Danish photographer Tuala Hjarnø.
In her works, tropical plants becomes shy interpreter of a new way of understanding nature in the interior world: they appear not mere adornments of our home but characters of the tale of everyday life, each of them with a different and peculiar personality. Though Monstera (Phylodendron) is still my favourite, I find a Sanseveria has never been so beautiful. And surely some of fellow Urban Jungle Bloggers will agree with me.

I particularly appreciate Kristina Dam's new work I decided to team up with The Poster Club and run a very special giveaway on my Instagram account: one lucky follower will have a chance to win one of the poster in their selection (value 80 euros). It is an amazing opportunity to be among the first ones to get one of these original prints; in fact the prints can be now only pre-ordered. Head to my Instagram profile here to know how to participate.

GIVEAWAY | ONE MUST DASH | The Not Another Bag

And it is now time to announce the lucky winner of the Not Another Bag giveaway!

Congratulations to Anu!

Please, let me know your contact details so we can send you the bag! Thanks to all of you for taking a chance!

MONDAY CRUSH | Urban jungle in a monochrome world

After some time, Monday Crush is back and entirely dedicated to monochrome interiors and green plants. Summer was quite busy, with lots travelling around Europe but we are now back "in town" and ready for a spectacular Autumn season.
Also, later today the winner of the ONE MUST DASH giveaway will be announced here on the blog: stay tuned! And remember, there is a new, amazing giveaway going on on my Instagram account in collaboration with the Poster Club but I will tell you more tomorrow. In the meanwhile, go and check it here.

| 1 | Ficus elastica via
| 3 | Therese Sennerholt's kitchen via

Japanese essentiality by Teruhiro Yanagihara

I came across this work by Japanese designer Teruhiro Yanagihara and I find its essentiality very inspiring: living reduced to its minimum functions as an expression of a quest for a simple, true life.

My husband and I are exactly in this moment of our lives. We are trying to eliminate all the unnecessary to aim to start from there a new phase of our lives.  It is time to make some space for new projects!

Images by Takumi Ota via Teruhiro Yanagihara

Airy table by Cecilie Manz for Muuto

Cecilie Manz is one of the leading designers in the Scandinavian scene  furniture, working on both products mainly for the home as well as producing experimental prototypes ( her Lots of Paper stool-sculpture is a true inspiration to me).

Recently, she designed a new coffee table for Danish brand Muuto that will be launched at Maison et Objet 2014 next September. Airy table is conceived as a flexible piece able to adapt to any sort of interior or functions. The name reflects the light appearance of its a metal frame that is welded and soldered very accurately to create a light and skinny silhouette. The polished plywood top, accurately finished, adds the necessary personality to the piece.

 The table comes in four different shapes and colours: black, grey, off-white and oregon pine and expresses its best when the different tables are combined together.

All pictures via MUUTO, with thanks.